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Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

1. Yoga can improve balance, strength and flexibility.

Slow breathing and slow movements boost blood flow and heat up muscles. Holding poses can help build the strength.

You can try it out: Tree Pose
Keep one foot on the ground, while holding the other up to your calf or over the knee (but not on the knee) in a straight line. Focus on one area in front of you as you balance for a minute.

2. Yoga is a great way to help lower back pain.

Yoga can be used as stretching that is basic for alleviating discomfort and increasing mobility for patients suffering from lower back pain. According to the American College of Physicians recommends yoga as the first line treatment for chronic lower back pain.

You can try it out: Cat-Cow Pose
Take a seat on your fours, placing your hands between your shoulders, and your knees beneath your hips. Inhale first as you let your stomach sink towards the floor. Exhale as you bring your navel towards your spine. You will then arch your spine in the manner of a cat stretching.

3. Yoga can alleviate arthritis-related pain.

Yoga has been found to alleviate some discomfort caused by swollen, tender joints of arthritis patients According to an Johns Hopkins review of 11 recent research studies.

4. Yoga improves heart health.

Regular yoga sessions can decrease stress levels and body-wide inflammation. This contributes to healthier heart. Several of the causes of heart disease, such as excessive blood pressure and high weight, can be dealt with by practicing yoga.

You can try it out: Downward Dog Pose
Take a seat on your fours, then slide your toes in and raise your spine up to form an arc shape. Maintain an incline at your knees, and keep stretching your spine and the tailbone.

5. Yoga can relax you and aid in sleeping better.

Research has shown that a regular practice of yoga before bed can help you achieve the right frame of mind and help prepare your body to rest and remain asleep.

Try It: Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose
Place your left leg against the wall, then slowly turn to the right and lift your legs to sit against the wall while keeping your back to the ground and keeping your bones in the sitting position close to the wall. It is possible to stay in this position for five to 15 minutes.

6. Yoga can bring more energy and happier moods.

You might experience a surge of physical and mental energy, an increase in enthusiasm and alertness and less stress following the beginning of yoga.

7. Yoga helps you manage stress.

Based on the National Institutes of Health, research-based evidence suggests that yoga can help with mental and stress management and mindfulness, healthy eating weight loss, and good excellent sleep.

Try It: Corpse Pose (Savasana)
Relax and lie down with your limbs spread out gently to the side, away from your body. Place your hands open. Make an effort to calm your mind and breathe deeply. This pose can be held for five to fifteen minutes.

8. Yoga is a way to connect with an uplifting community.

Yoga classes are a great way to reduce loneliness and create the opportunity for healing in a group and encouragement. Even during one-on one sessions, solitude is diminished as each is acknowledged as an unique person, being heard and a part of the development of a unique yoga plan.

9. Yoga helps you to take better care of yourself.

Scientific Research on Yoga Benefits
It is reported that the U.S. military, the National Institutes of Health and other large institutions are listening to and incorporating scientific confirmation of the value of yoga in health treatment.

Numerous studies have proven the benefits of yoga in osteopenia, arthritis, oncology, balance issues, female health and chronic pain, and other areas of expertise.